Highview Christiania Lutheran Church
"Fed by the Word, Feeding the World."
26690 Highview Avenue 
Farmington, MN 55024
Plan a Funeral
Please contact the Highview Christiania office if you would like to hold a funeral at our church 952-469-2711 or email: highview@highview-lutheran.org.

As part of our stewardship, WELCA will serve the funerals in our church.  This will be done at no charge, but if the family wishes to give a donation, it will be gratefully accepted. The actual cost averages about $4.00 per person. Highview is glad to serve ham sandwiches, cake and/or bars, pickles and chips.  If the family prefers other food, they can bring something from a deli.  We will be happy to serve it.  A non-member funeral is $5.00 a person. WELCA will buy the cake for non-member funerals.

Cemetary Information

Burial Plot Infomation
For information on purchasing a plot in the cemetery, please call the church at 952-469-2722. 

Flower Placement and Removal
The planting of flowers, trees or shrubbery on graves is not permitted.  Live plants and artificial flowers must be planted in urns.  This year, as in the past, there is a volunteer group that waters all plants in urns once a week from Memorial Day until the end of August. We encourage planting of live flowers. It would be helpful if the dirt did not come clear to the tops of the flower pot to allow room for extra water.

Artificial flowers must be removed from the grave site six (6) weeks after Memorial Day.  If they remain longer, cemetery volunteers will remove them.

Cemetery Map of Highview

Cemetery List of Names