Highview Christiania Thursday Quilting Group 

We tie quilts throughout the entire year and gather donations for layettes. These quilts and layettes are given to various organizations where there is a need. 

We support the following organizations: 
1. The Southeast Asian Ministry, St. Paul, MN 
2. The Spiritual Care Program at United Hospital, St. Paul, MN 
3. Lewis House, a home for women/children of domestic violence, Eagan, MN 
4. St. Joseph’s Home For Children, offering shelter to children, Minneapolis, MN 
5. Gillette Children's Hospital, St. Paul, MN 
66. 6. 

We have donated the following items this year: 
• 44 quilts to The Southeast Asian Ministry 
• 40 hospice lap blankets to The Spiritual Care Program at United Hospital 
• 46 baby layettes to The Robert Lewis House 
• 20 children’s fleece blankets for St. Joseph’s Home for Children 
• 63 school bags for Haiti 
• 24 crocheted dish cloths for Guatemala 
• 23 bean bags for Vacation Bible School 
• 2 quilts for the Highview Youth fundraiser 
• 2 quilts for the Highview Golf “Fun-raiser” 
• 1 quilt for the silent auction for the Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota 
• 3 friendship blankets to friends and/or members if the Highview family 
• 16 Teddy Bears were dressed for the Christmas program at Castle Rock Bank 
• Made curtains for Sunday school room where the wedding parties dress 
• Repaired the table skirts used for the serving tables in the Celebration Center 

Donations received: 
We are blessed to have a non-stop flow of non-cash donations from church members and other friends of Highview to help us reach 
our goals. This year we have received the following items: 
• Many yards of fabrics, quilt batting, and sheets used for backing. 
• Church members have donated various items which are included in the baby layette packages. Each layette has a baby quilt, a jacket or sweater, 2 receiving blankets, 2 sleepers, 2 tee-shirts, 4 cloth diapers, 2 plastic pants, diaper pins, towel and 2 wash cloths. 
• Church members donated many items for the craft/bake sale held during the Norwegian Supper. 

Fundraising efforts: 
We want to thank the Highview congregation members for their generous support at our annual craft/bake sale held during the 
Norwegian Supper. Thank you to all who helped with this effort. 

We have 13 active members and two honoree members. We would welcome more members!
Highview Christiania Lutheran Church
"Where the Gravel Meets the Gospel"
26690 Highview Avenue 
Farmington, MN 55024