Highview Christiania Lutheran Church
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Plan a Wedding

Highview Christiania Lutheran Church is pleased to provide its sanctuary for your wedding. Our sanctuary is not restricted to Highview members. We welcome any persons who desire a worship setting for their marriage to use our church, if agreed upon by our pastor. It is the desire of the Highview Christiania Church congregation to be of assistance in this time of your life. This general information is prepared to aid you in planning the many details that make for a meaningful church wedding. We prefer that our Pastor conducts the service, but do allow pastors from other denominations who we are in full communion with the ELCA, to preform services here. Please check with our pastor regarding this issue.

The sanctuary seats approximately 150 people, not including the overflow room to the north of the sanctuary, which has room for about 40 people with some obstructed view. A few chairs could be added to the sanctuary.

Agree on a definite date for your wedding in consultation with Highview's pastor by contacting the Parish Administrator at (952)-469-2722. An appointment will be set up for you to meet with the pastor in preparation for your wedding. This will include classes. The Parish Administrator will contact the wedding coordinator with your name and date of the wedding, after all fees have been paid. All weddings (member or non-member) will use our wedding coordinator. If you are using Highview's pastor and/or organist, their fees are included in the total fees paid. Highview will pay them directly. The wedding coordinator will contact you to set up a time to discuss arrangements and answer any questions you may have regarding your wedding.

The Highview Church organist will be used for all weddings when using the Pipe Organ, unless approved by the organist or pastor. You can contact the church for the organist's phone number. Names of soloists can be provided if necessary. Choice of music and soloist are to be coordinated with and approved by our organist and pastor. No recorded music please.

Couples will schedule an appointment with the pastor (included in the three appointments with the pastor will be time to plan for the service).

There is a Unity candleholder and a Wedding banner available to use at your wedding. There will be no rearranging of the sanctuary furniture, paraments, etc. Any decorations (or removal of decorations) need to be agreed to by the wedding coordinator or the pastor. Please check with the coordinator as to materials to use to attach things to walls, pews, etc.

Arrange for a rehearsal time at the initial appointment with the pastor. The rehearsal should be attended by all in the wedding party, ushers and immediate family. It is important that rehearsals begin on time. The marriage license is to be given to the pastor TWO WEEKS prior to the wedding.

The facilitator will be available at both the rehearsal and the wedding for any questions that might come up at this time and to help with any of the needs of the wedding party. The facilitator will be available to open the church for the wedding and will make sure the sound system is working for the wedding. After the wedding, the facilitator will make sure everything is turned off and the church is locked.

Rooms will be provided in the education building where the wedding party may change, If you need additional rooms, please let the wedding facilitator know.

WE REQUEST THAT NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, OR DRUGS BE USED ON THE CHURCH PROPERTY. A $250.00 fine will be incurred for violation of the policy. The wedding couple will be responsible for the fine. Do not throw rice or confetti in or outside of the church, as it is difficult to clean up and deadly to small birds.

Fee Schedule

MEMBERS                            NON-MEMBERS

Pastor Honorarium     $150 (Suggested)               $300

Organist    $200         $200
   (Highview's organist must be used unless prior approval)

Maintenance     $100
   (Electricity, Utilities, etc.)

   (Clean-up after rehearsal and ceremony)

Facilitator $200$200

Rental of churchNone $500
   (Use of building)

Rental of Celebration Center      $500$1,000


Use of tablecloths      $10 per cloth     $10 per cloth

** The Highview Building Use Agreement must be signed and fees paid prior to a date being held.